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    Meet The Locals: Heather Reid, Owner of Trilogy Consignment in Tarrytown, NY

    “Meet the Locals” is a new series featuring our local business owners, their ventures and the places they call home.

    Heather Reid, Owner of Trilogy Consignment in Tarrytown, NY

    If you have visited Trilogy Consignment in Tarrytown, NY then you probably already know that clothing is about fun for owner, Heather Reid. Trilogy Consignment is a retail consignment shop that sells both vintage and modern clothing and accessories for women and some for men. When you step inside you will see Heather stocks a broad range of styles, sizes and decades. From 1960’s flair to contemporary urban chic, Heather’s goal is for anyone of any size and any age to feel that there is something for them at Trilogy.

    Trilogy Consignment recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in Tarrytown, and Heather Reid also celebrated one year as a Rivertowns resident. Heather was drawn to Tarrytown with the idea that she would be opening up her own business. She describes leaving her community from Modern Millie, the consignment shop where she previously worked in Newburyport, Massachusetts, as the most difficult part of the move. This gives an indication of how much value Heather places on her relationship with her customers and consigners.

    After arriving in Tarrytown, completely new to the area, only knowing two people, Heather experienced apprehension and a moment of doubt. She relayed a story about going for dinner at Mint on Main Street in Tarrytown and by chance meeting the owner, Alberta. It quickly came up in conversation that Heather was opening Trilogy Consignment and it was Alberta’s response and reassurance that was a turning point for Heather. “The way that she embraced me in that moment and encouraged me….’This is a great town for female entrepreneurs, you’re going to be fine’…She just swept in and made me feel like, okay this is the right decision. I did the right thing…and I have just had the best experience ever since. I mean everybody has been wonderful and so welcoming.” She continued, “My customers really enforced that ever since. Not only do they like the things I have here, but they like what the store stands for and they want a community…”

    I caught a glimpse of this as we began our interview and one of Heather’s regular customers, Michelle, popped into the store to pick up a dress. Michelle surprised Heather with a cup of coffee and a scone, just because. Obviously, this wasn’t your typical retail transaction where you exchange money for product saying as few words as possible to the cashier. When Michelle left Heather told me she was one of Heather’s very first customers. This interaction and clear customer loyalty and respect demonstrated the type of relationship Heather has with her clientele in the Rivertowns and the sense of community that is important to Heather as a local business owner. “I’m not just selling stuff and that’s what I love about being a small business.”

    Heather says, “I like how people engage with me and the shop.” She likes that that the shop has so many regulars, “It’s cool to have regularity. I know my mailman’s name and he knows mine.”

    In addition to retail, Heather is passionate about hosting events and workshops in the store. For example, she recently hosted “Breakfast at Trilogy,” which was an informal morning stop in for a “cuppa and a chat,” to start your day off on a positive note. She also recently held a “How to Measure Yourself” workshop where she talked with participants about how we measure ourselves, figuratively speaking, and taught them how to take their measurements so the numbers could be used as tools for smarter and less stressful shopping. Trilogy workshops combine community building and self-reflection with practical lessons on finding personally functional, fun style.

    Heather will receive customers in her shop from out of town who often ask her about her experience living in the area. She always points out that one mile inland is the Rockefeller State Park preserve which you can enjoy all year round (provided you have some snowshoes!) and less than a mile down the road is the Hudson River walk which you can also enjoy all year round.

    When asked about life outside of Trilogy Consignment, Heather is quick to compliment the local Tarrytown restaurants and dishes, like the specials at Mint Premium Foods, brunches at Sweet Grass Grill and burgers at the Rivermarket Bar & Kitchen. She also ventures to the surrounding villages to experience their offerings such as Harper’s Bar & Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry.

    She describes the Rivertowns as a special and uplifting place that is “not pretentious in any way” and has “a really good balance between quaint and eclectic.” She enjoys that there are so many activities, “but you can find the quiet if you want it.”

    Trilogy Consignment is located at 107 North Broadway Tarrytown, New York.

    By: Jennifer Collins, William Raveis Legends Realty Group

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    • Lisa Kilpatrick

      Written on

      Heather is a treasure. I met Heather during her time at Modern Millie in Newburyport, MA. Although not the proprietor of Modern Millie, Heather always treated every customer is if the shop were her own. She was faithful in learning about each client’s size, fashion preferences, and them as human beings. Her personal touch, effervescent personality, and her dedication to her craft always impressed me. She consistently contacted me whenever an item came to the store that she thought would be a perfect fashion piece for me. She has an excellent eye for fashion and is expert at finding just the perfect piece for each individual’s unique taste. Even more important, Heather is a body positive advocate. Rather than focusing on the number on a tag, Heather focuses on the unique beauty intrinsic in each human being. Massachusetts lost a great person and fine business woman, and Tarrytown has gained an absolute jewel in Heather and in Trilogy Consignment. Fortunately, I continue to be able to work with Heather as she has faithfully represented my vintage clothing and jewelry items since her opening. She is the only consignment business I will work with because she has always been honest and fair in her business dealings. Get to know Heather. Support her business. Build community with her. You will be blessed!


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