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    Town of Ossining Board Decides to Table Homestead Option

    “After considerable review and analysis by this Board and in consultation with legal counsel and the Town Assessor, the Board has determined it is in the best interest of the entire community to table, or suspend pursuit of, the Homestead Option. 

    We want YOU, the community, to understand that we have given significant thought to this issue.  During the process of fully evaluating all the impacts that the Homestead Option may have on all of our taxing elements, we realize that we cannot tackle both the first revaluation in 40 years, and at the same time, tackle the additional complexities involved with adopting Homestead. 

    We realize there are numerous potential groups that could be significantly impacted by Homestead, including single family residential property owners, condo owners, co-op residential owners, and business & commercial property owners.

    In fairness to the community members, to the Assessor, and to this Board, we need to focus on the revaluation in its own right.  To reiterate, we are tabling the Homestead Option.

    It will be the prerogative of a future Town Board to reconsider the Homestead Option if the Town of Ossining undergoes a subsequent revaluation.” -Town of Ossining Board

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