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    How To Prepare Your Home For The Spring Real Estate Market

    The spring real estate market is the busiest season for buying and selling a home in Westchester County, NY.  The market kicks into high gear right after the Super Bowl and slows down late May, early June. Many of the buyers who purchase in the spring want to be in their new home before the school year begins.

    That means more competition.

    As a seller, you have a small window to capture their attention and sell your home. Your house needs to be in the best condition and presented well to appeal to buyers’ needs and lifestyle.

    But if you’ve never sold a home, you may not know what’s most important to buyers or how to prepare it.

    We can help.


    With over 350 years of combined experience, our Legends agents have seen it all. We have some valuable tips to ensure you maximize your time on the market and sell for the highest price.

    1. William O’Reilly – Irvington office – Eliminate offensive odors but avoid overpowering air fresheners.  Potential buyers may think you are trying to cover something up, especially in finished lower levels.

    2. Jamie JamiesonTarrytown office – Stand out from the homes on the market by sprucing up your curb appeal. Consider painting your front door a fun, eye-catching color and accent it with new flowers and plants around the walkways and entrance.

    3. Elizabeth Harlow – Briarcliff office – Replace light fixtures. Strategically placed lighting always goes a long way. It highlights lovely landscaping and all the other wonderful things you’ve done to your home. Size and scale matter here, as does general attractiveness and brightness. Match the style and finish of the new lights to other elements in your entry and you’re good to go. You can also opt for solar-powered lights, sink a few attractive lantern-style lights ($18 for six) into the soil that flanks walkways and the driveway. You’ll be amazed at how good this makes a home look.

    4. Cindy Kief –  Irvington office – Monitor the inventory to get a sense of how your competition is presented and the weather for timing.  Work with a local Realtor who will help you plan accordingly.

    5. Marsi Rummel – Tarrytown office – Just because you have a wall, it doesn’t mean everyone should have a picture. You don’t want to hang a small picture on a huge wall.  A small wall might look better bare, which opens up the space.

    6. Jane Shanky – Irvington office – Paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up spaces that are drab, worn, or tired. Don’t be afraid of color. That goes for the outside too.

    7. Elvira Aloia – Tarrytown office – Buyers are trying to envision themselves living in your house the minute they enter. Set the backyard and deck up to help buyers visualize themselves entertaining and enjoying the space with their friends.

    8. Meg Callaci – Tarrytown office – Have all windows professionally cleaned. It’s subtle, but makes a huge difference.  Sparkling clean windows are especially happy in Springtime and help unite the interior and exterior.

    9. Phyllis Lerner – Tarrytown office – If you have hardwood under carpets may be a good idea to remove and expose the wood.  If not, have the carpets cleaned or replaced.

     10. Jody Toth – Tarrytown office – Switch out seasonal items like couch pillows and curtains.  Add pops of color throughout the home.

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