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    How Should A Home Seller Prepare Their Home?

    Debra Goodwin william Raveis Legends Realty Group Irvington NYMy seller clients often ask me how they should prepare their home for sale. The simplicity of my response often surprises them. It’s usually the smallest, least expensive improvementsthat make the biggest impact. 


    Homebuyers engage their senses when viewing a home. They use their eyes, nose, and ears to determine how good a fit is for them. 



    Here are some simple steps you can take to show your home in the best light:

    1. A deep cleaning of your house will breathe new life into it. Windows are one for the most overlooked features and yet they are one of the most important. Buyers often study a home from the exterior and then look out the window while touring the interior.

    Dirty windows send a message loud and not so clear. Help buyers see what your home has to offer inside and out.

    2. Be conscious of off-putting smells. Pets, cigarettes, and moisture are usually the worst offenders and hardest to cover up.  Once the front door opens, that smell is the first thing that will greet a buyer.

    Think pleasant aromas but not overbearing scents.

    A strong odor of cleaning products or commercial air fresheners can be equally off-putting and might raise a red flag, buyers wonder what are you trying to cover up? I often encounter this in basements. 

    It is better to fix the problem than try to hide it.

    3. Clean out at least 50% of the contents in your closets. Buyers love storage and want to know how much stuff they can stow away. Even if they don’t need the place, most want to know it’s an option.

    4. Remove heavy draperies and valances.  Simplify the space with nothing covering the window or basic shades and blinds.  Plus, you will allow more light in and natural light is usually a high priority on a buyer’s list of must-haves.

    5. Remove old or dated area rugs. Replace them with plain, light-colored modern ones.  Exposing more floor helps the space look bigger.

    6. Remove oversized or dirty furniture. Less is more. We want the buyer to have the impression that the space is open and appears bigger. We want to help the buyers visualize their belongings in the home.

    The more we do that, the easier it is for them to see themselves in the home and maybe make an offer to buy.

    We only get one chance to make a first impression. These improvements won’t cost you much but will make a big difference!

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