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    Meet The Locals: Mary-Ann Mastreani: Owner of Hastings Yoga in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

    “Meet the Locals” is a series featuring our local business owners, their ventures, and the places they call home.

    Mary-Ann Mastreani, Owner of Hastings Yoga in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
    Mary-Ann Mastreani, Owner of Hastings Yoga in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

    Mary-Ann Mastreani, owner of Hastings Yoga, moved to the Rivertowns ten years ago from Manhattan. She was looking for a “quaint village,” somewhere her family could still only have one car, walk to the train station, and where there were enough local restaurants for a night out. Her home search included looking along the waterfront communities on both the east and west sides of Westchester County. Ultimately, Mary-Ann connected with the feel of the Rivertowns, which she describes as, “the place that people want to move to when they move out of the city.”

    Mary-Ann enjoys easy access to not only Manhattan, but also the beautiful areas north, such as Bear Mountain. Additionally, living in Dobbs Ferry and owning a local business in Hastings-on-Hudson, the neighboring village to the south, enables Mary-Ann the privilege of walking or biking to work, taking advantage of the Old Croton Aqueduct trail and experiencing the Hudson River.

    She also values the community for her two children. “For my kids I love it, because of the community for them and how they feel they not only like have a lot of space… but they feel like a citizen of the city as well, because we can get in there so often.” She describes her children as being sporty and involved in many Dobbs Ferry sports such as, lacrosse, soccer and baseball. She also indicates that they are musically inclined and participate in music through the school system as well as being involved in Westchester’s All County Chorus. Mary-Ann gushes about the wide array of programs and activities to choose from for her kids, all here locally in the community, anything from a theater camp to cooking classes.

    Owning a yoga studio is about personal connection and lifestyle for Mary-Ann. A self proclaimed “people person,” one of the aspects she enjoys about being a local business owner is, “I get to meet so many people by doing this, by having a business.” Not only does Mary-Ann love meeting people through her business, but she also grateful for the community of friends that she has made since living in the area.

    Mary-Ann recognizes that when it comes to choosing a Yoga studio, “one of the important things is that you resonate with a teacher in a space…The connection to a teacher or the studio is so important…” She expressed the difficulty in advertising the qualities of a good teacher and has found word of mouth has been the most effective way of spreading the message about her business. She describes the studio as a refuge and a support for people in the community. “Students that come to us tend to really like the space, they like the teachers, they like the warmth. They feel very welcome there.”

    Hastings Yoga offers a variety of classes for students of all skill levels such as: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative and Meditation. You will also find prenatal classes and yoga for kids and teens. Periodically the studio hosts special classes and workshops like the “Spring Cleanse & Mini Day Retreat” or “Reiki & Restorative Yoga Workshop.” Mary-Ann appreciates that the teachers at her studio each have unique expertise, which provides tremendous value to the overall Hastings Yoga experience.

    Having only taken over the studio a little over a year ago, Mary-Ann is clearly proud of how well the studio is doing since coming under her ownership and is excited to be at the helm of a growing community business.

    Hastings Yoga is located at 45 Main St, Hastings-On-Hudson, New York.

    By: Jennifer Collins
    William Raveis Legends Realty Group

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