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    White Plains, NY Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in White Plains, NY!

    Welcome to White Plains, NY

    White Plains is a beloved mix of what Westchester County offers – suburban amenities with an urban vibe. Neighborhoods establish that hometown feel from the moment you move in, while the shops and restaurants give you that New York taste without having to travel far. Locals have been gravitating to White Plains because it puts the whole package at your doorstep, i.e. cozy houses to call home, awesome places to shop, and plenty of job opportunities without a long commute.


    Homes for Sale in White Plains, NY

    The real estate market in White Plains does one thing very well: Make you feel at home. Despite the many urban traits the city has, when you make the trip back to your house, it feels like you stepped into another town. Neighborhoods offer a tranquil atmosphere for buyers looking for a peaceful place to relax. If you’re more of an urbanite, there is a wide range of condos and townhouses that put you close to White Plains’ lively downtown.

    Common amenities you find in White Plains real estate include state-of-the-art kitchens that let you cook like a master chef, spacious living areas that let you host guests over, and fully-equipped master suites that leave no comfort behind. For more details, check out current homes for sale in White Plains, NY:


    View Homes for Sale in White Plains, NY


    Public Transportation in White Plains, NY

    White Plains meets a variety of transportation needs, ranging from a commuter rail that runs into New York City and nearby highways that take you almost anywhere in the county (and surrounding areas).

    • MTA Metro-North
      White Plains has two Metro-North stations – White Plains Station and North White Plains Station. They provide daily train service to Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. Both stations are a part of the Harlem Line.
    • Bee Line – Bus
      The Bee Line is Westchester County’s public bus system. Several routes pass through White Plains, offering quick transportation to neighboring communities. Other routes connect to the Bronx and the New York City subway.
    • Highways & Interstates
      White Plains is situated along the Cross Westchester Expressway, which connects you to other major thoroughfares like I-95 and the Sprain Brook Parkway.


    History & Today

    White Plains has a rich history that extends back to early colonial times, but most notably, the town was made famous as the “Birthplace of New York State.” In 1776, the New York Provincial Congress adopted and approved the Declaration of Independence in White Plains, henceforth referring to New York as a state rather than province.

    Today, White Plains is the heart of Westchester County, making it the central hub for job opportunities, county celebrations, and local amenities. People love living here because they feel like they’re in the heart of activity. In a way, it’s the place where stuff gets done.


    Great Schools Around White Plains, NY

    Below, you can find a short list of some of White Plains’ best schools. For more details about the school system, feel free to contact us or read more about White Plains Public Schools.


    You’ll Love: The Communal Culture of White Plains

    With cozy neighborhoods that cater to your needs, strategically-placed business hubs for jobs, and numerous parks/recreational facilities to support all your activities, there isn’t a better place to fall in love with than White Plains, NY. Neighbors routinely get together, have dinner parties with each other, and let the kids meet new friends. If you want to be a part of a welcoming community, start your home search in White Plains.