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    Ossining, NY Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in Ossining, NY!

    Welcome to Ossining, NY

    Ossining is a community that offers slices of urban life in the midst of a small, picturesque town. At first sight, the steep hills the town was built on surprise you. The area has one of the highest elevations in Westchester County, offering beautiful vistas that no other town has. But as you begin to work your way toward downtown, you begin to notice how Ossining offers a variety of urban amenities — like a wide selection of ethnic restaurants and an active art community. For this reason, Ossining has appealed to many city dwellers looking for extra space.


    Homes for Sale in Ossining, NY

    Ossining’s real estate market is heavily influenced by Victorian-style architecture. Asymmetrical designs and vibrant colors are the norm with those types of properties, but they aren’t your only choice when it comes to your next home. Since recent development, you can now find more modern, ranch-style houses that bring all the comforts to home. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can easily find a property that will suit you — that is one of the main benefits to moving to Ossining. And the best side to living here is you can find affordable options that put you near a downtown setting or offer amazing views of the Hudson River. For more details, check out current homes for sale in Ossining:


    View Homes for Sale in Ossining, NY


    Public Transportation in Ossining, NY

    Whether you prefer to drive or take train, Ossining has a transportation mode that will fit your needs.

    • Metro-North Rail Service
      You can catch the commuter train to Grand Central Terminal from either Ossining Station or Scarborough Station (south of Ossining). It takes about 40 minutes to reach New York City from Ossining, by train.
    • Ferry — Waterway
      You can ride the ferry from Ossining Station to Haverstraw in Rockland County. Ferry connections are designed to meet the peak times of the MTA expressway.
    • Bus — Bee Line System
      Bus routes connect you to various villages around Westchester County, such as White Plains, Tarrytown, and Yorktown.


    History & Today

    Ossining derives its unique name from the Native American Mohegan Tribe, Sint Sinck. Translated, it means “strong upon stone,” referring to the natural deposits of limestone on the southern part of the village. Today, the town has built on top of its longstanding reputation and created a beautiful community that people love living in.


    Great Schools Around Ossining, NY

    Ossining has earned a reputation for great schools, convincing many buyers to move here. Below, you can find a short list of those schools.


    You’ll Love: The Cosmopolitan Nature of a Small Town

    Though Ossining may be a New York village, it acts like an urban metropolis. All around town, you can find diversity wherever you go — from ethnic restaurants to special boutique shops. The art community is big here, showcasing different views on the world. And with many parks located here, you have plenty of places to play. For more information on living in Ossining, contact us.