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    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY!

    Welcome to Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

    Hastings-on-Hudson is a charismatic village known for its quiet ambience and hometown feel. It’s one of those rare villages where local shop owners know you by name and where kids have plenty of safe-places to play. With one stop at Main Street and Warburton Avenue, you can get a quick sense of what it’s like to live here. Little boutique shops line the sidewalks, where residents routinely gather and meet up with friends. The atmosphere is light, and everyone enjoys the relaxed nature of the area (There isn’t any hustling and bustling.). In all, it’s a great place to settle down in.


    Homes for Sale in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

    With a quick drive around town, you’ll quickly see how Hastings-on-Hudson’s real estate is heavily influenced by traditional and Victorian-style architecture. At times, homes zig-zag up steep, tree-lined streets, giving you a unique viewpoint of the area. Other areas offer quiet little neighborhoods where residents like to get together. Inside most of these homes you’ll find top of the line features. Items like stainless steel appliances, modern fixtures, and new technology are all becoming the norm. For more details about Hastings-on-Hudson real estate, check out the current homes for sale:


    View Homes for Sale in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY


    Public Transportation in Hastings-on-Hudson

    There are multiple options to choose from when taking public transportation in Hastings-on-Hudson. Below, is a short list of what your choices:

    • MTA Metro-North
      Via Hudson Line, you can hop on the express commuter train from the Hastings-on-Hudson Station, and be at Grand Central Terminal within 30 minutes. It provides a quick, convenient way for your work commute into New York City.
    • Highway 9/Broadway Corridor
      With Highway 9 cutting through Hastings-on-Hudson, you have immediate access to a quick, driving route.
    • Bee Line Bus Routes
      The Bee Line bus system has routes running through Hastings-on-Hudson, giving you another alternative to traveling throughout Westchester County, NY.


    History & Today

    Hastings-on-Hudson has a history stretching from early colonial times to modern-day development. At one point, it was a key location between British and American forces during the Revolutionary War. Later on, the town began building up local industries in utilities and rubber in the early 1900’s. Nowadays, the corporate businesses have moved on, leaving a spot for industrial art to be displayed. With views of the Hudson River and of the past companies, you get a unique view of how our world mixes with nature.


    Great Schools Around Hastings-on-Hudson

    Below, is a quick list of some of the best schools in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY:


    You’ll Love: The Artsy Culture

    Art plays a big role in Hastings-on-Hudson’s lifestyle. From local displays of art to top-rated schools, residents love to show (and look at) different takes on life. People also appreciate the beautiful views between modern Main Street and the natural settings of the Hudson (plus forested areas of the Jersey shoreline). In a way, it has shaped a special culture in Hastings-on-Hudson. Locals continuously look to understand different cultures and viewpoints, making them a diverse bunch to live among. For more details about Hastings-on-Hudson, feel free to contact us.